Project Build Services

  • ProjectBuild will provide project management, professional engineering and construction management skills.
  • We will help you develop your concepts into a well engineered and constructed project. These concepts will be carried from concept development and engineering through construction management and on to commissioning.
  • The Project will be successfully operating when we finish. Then we will be available to field any questions or handle any engineering issues regarding expansion or modifications to the project. Should the unlikely occurrence of technical problems occur, we will be there to manage solutions.
  • Our process for project management starts from the communication of your idea to our Project team. This is the concept design of the project. During this process Project Management Services will develop the best approach for the Project by compiling the input from each of your Project Stake Holders. These Stake Holders are your "in-house" managers and operators that are focused on a product or process.
  • The Project may be a new production process, savings for an existing process or technical change to an existing project process. The Project design will use innovative and traditional engineering. practices. Most implementation of projects can follow a simple and cost effective design process. However, some projects require "thinking outside the box" innovation.
  • Due to our extensive experience we will successfully implement these exceptional Projects within budget. Implementation is the most visible aspects of the Project development and requires experienced management and the most structured processes.
  • Our capabilities in construction management and project commissioning provide qualified support for your project. This support includes the most up to date communications systems and project management software.
  • Commissioning is the process of "showing" what the Project can do. It includes a series of tests and measurements of all the controls and Project outputs. This project commissioning is the place where the "rubber meets the road". Our project managers will define the commissioning process for your project during the design phase of the Project. This verifies that the economics presented for the Project are met and the Goal has been achieved.